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With the warmth of spring, bake the tea of ​​the heart. Enshi Chunming Tea Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting Enshi tea culture to the world, using the soil of the world's selenium capital to select high-quality tea and build a bridge of healthy drinks. Enshi, located in the hinterland of China, on the mysterious 30° north latitude line, has the world's most


High-quality tea products.

We have premium quality tea products, it will be your one-stop-shop for tea products.

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Boost Your Selenium Intake with Our Enshi Selenium Tea

Find another source of selenium in the form of our selenium tea. Enshi Chunming Tea Trading Co., Ltd. brings such kinds of teas for you. We are an expert that knows what suits consumers the best. In the world of tea, we bring variety for you. People who want to improve their health further should try this. They will get selenium in the form of tea they never expected before. This tea will not only improve your mood but also your health.

Calming Your Mind with Floral Flavor and Scent 

Residential and corporate consumers should try our flavored and scented tea. They are hard to resist because of such sweet and floral scents. Your mind needs such a kind of tea from a characteristic scented tea supplier. We bring these teas in your reach to calm your mind. They are not only full of scent; they also have other benefits. The herbs in them calm your mind and body, which is why you deserve them. They are safe for consumption since we use safe ways to extract them.

Avail Reasonable Prices from a Wholesaler  

Let’s talk about the discounts we offer on scented tea, selenium, and slimming tea. You will get wholesale rates only by purchasing tea in bulk. Our capacity to offer factory rates is high. Customers can easily access these discounts here. We encourage you to purchase from us if you want budget-friendly rates. This is an opportunity waiting for you. Restaurants, cafes, superstores, and hotels can purchase them in bulk from us. We have economical rates for a bulk supply of scented tea.

We Have a Gigantic Supply of Scented Tea Worldwide

It is time to avail of mega quantities of scented tea from us. As a slimming tea supplier, Enshi Chunming Tea Trading is here for you. You can get supply in large volumes because we are a wholesaler. Our production size can take on large orders on an international level. Supplying Chinese-scented tea around the globe is our prime focus. 

Dealing in Bulk Supply on a Global Scale 

You should choose Enshi Chunming Tea Trading if you want large volumes of tea. We have that size of supply for all the bulk buyers. Retailers can reach us for large-scale supply on an international level. We deal with such demands with our massive quantities. You have this opportunity to get a continuous supply of this tea from us. We show dedication and commitment in our processes.